Honesty, Expertise and Value

Teamviewer Service of Laptop or Desktop

6 hours · $160
We can remotely update all your programs, remove infections, update Windows and test hardware, with no need for you to leave home or work. Twelve months unconditionally free labour on a serviced computer - all questions or problems covered for no additional charge.

Workshop Service of a Laptop or Desktop

3 hours · $160 fixed fee
Bring us your laptop or desktop computer, we clean it thoroughly, check and update all the software and Windows, clean out infections and test it. Twelve months support at no extra charge is provided for any serviced computer.

Remote diagnosis and assessments

30 minutes · No Charge
Install Teamviewer and call or email to arrange a suitable time. We'll connect and diagnose any problem on a Desktop or Laptop computer, usually within ten minutes. This is COMPLETELY FREE.

Performance test and assessment

30 minutes · No Charge
Need more oomph for games or office applications? Install Teamviewer, give us a call and we'll log in to assess your computer with you and make recommendations. No obligation. Free of charge.

We build new Desktops and Laptops

1 day · Varies
We will provide a new desktop or laptop, customized to your needs, all set up and ready to go with one year all inclusive warranty. We will transfer any data required from the old computer completely free. Any questions, problems or how-do-I-do-that questions are all free.

Quotes, Insurance Letters and Diagnosis

30 minutes · No Charge
If you bring in a broken Desktop or Laptop, we will diagnose for free, every time, usually on the spot if possible (some things take a few hours to test). If you need an insurance letter this is provided in PDF form and can be emailed to you and/or sent to the insurer.
This service does not obligate you to purchase a replacement computer from us.

Service Contracts

30 minutes · Varies
We can provide ongoing support for businesses with one or more computers, for a whole year at a fixed fee per computer including scheduled servicing and out-of-hours servicing by arrangement.