We deliberately have the best warranty in the country. This is because we want you to tell your friends and colleagues about us and have them come in, too.

It's a long term strategy that costs us a fair bit to deliver, but we've got more than 3800 happy customers and want more.

Our system comes with the normal hardware warranty - replacement of the defective part.

We beat this by doing it the same or next day on average as well as using a new part instead of a refurbished replacement (check the warranty small print from the big manufacturers).

We do the repairs here and we don't lose your data. We're open longer hours than any other repair operation and you don't have to deal with some faceless call centre abroad to get booked in - just turn up.

 This is the big difference: We do SOFTWARE for free under warranty as well.

This means that if you get a virus, have a program you can't get working or do something by accident, it still costs you NOTHING to fix it. Since most computer faults are software, this puts us WAY ahead of the big mobs.